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Portland Oregon Panorama
The Portland Waterfront

Portland Waterfront Panorama; a night scene, Bridge reflections, Willamette River, Oregon's Portland skyline
©0154,0155,0156  The Portland Waterfront                   Copyright ©2003 Strength in Perspective

A Portland cityscape of the Willamette River and bridges.
City of Roses Pictures-Portland in the Pink

Portland Waterfront Panorama available as

Triptych*$477/$541 Triptych *$603/$672 Triptych *$810/$850 Panorama *$170/$193 Panorama *$307/$337
16x62 inches 19x74 inches 24x93 inches 8x31 inches 11x42inches
22x24;22x22;22x24 26x28;26x26;26x28 32x34;32x33;32x34 14x36 frame 17x48 frame
Canvas Panorama $310 Canvas Panorama $375 Canvas Panorama $525  
18X68 inches 21X80 inches 26X98 inches

*First price = Portland Waterfront Panorama  framed in Brushed Aluminum;
 2nd price=Portland Waterfront Panorama  framed in wood of your choosing.

Also available on flat or float board or gallery wrap  CANVAS

A triptych is three adjoining pictures which, when hung side by side, make a six to nine feet wide image of the same scene.  It is a panorama split into 3 parts.  Sometimes there is a benefit of displaying a triptych rather than a panorama.  When the framed prints are faced with glass, they can be quite heavy.  You can achieve a quite sizable image that is STILL lightweight by making a three part picture instead of a single image.

When the print is NOT covered with glass, a very large yet light weight panorama can be made.  Many times constraints of wall size demand the panorama must not be huge.  Therefore I list the common sizes of panoramas, but the larger sizes can be had, if made without a glass face.

In addition to standard framing, the picture can be laminated to a board.  There are two styles. The difference between a flat  and float board treatment is that  the flat board lies flat against the wall but the float board stands out one inch from the wall...appearing to float!

Tell us your wall size and we will guide you through possible framed wall art formats.

This Portland Waterfront  panorama, a night scene panorama, began as a Portland Skyline photograph.  A touch of digital manipulations , still allowing photo realism to prevail, allowed the feeling of the moment to be conveyed in the image.


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