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Amiga Generated Art
Early Computer Paintings

The Fantasy Gallery

This group of 12 surreal images-lo res with simple palettes-honor the origin of artistic discovery on the   versatile 80's Amiga Computer.   These images with smooth fills and special effects were made to examine the transition of computer art to the 90's PC--- the dawn of digital enhancement.

Computer Graphics - eclipse of Oregon moon Computer Graphics - Vista Pro Software- fractal generation; sunburst Computer Graphics - morning, mountain, scenic, sunrise
Scenic Backgrounds
©0025 An Eclipse
Amiga generated art
©0026 Vista
Scenic Backgrounds
©0027 A Sunrise
Computer Graphics - ocean drawing in melon color; part of a trio Computer Graphics - bird, ocean bird drawing in melon; part of a trio Computer Graphics - Bandon lighthouse painting in melon; part of a trio
Scenic Backgrounds
©0028 The Ocean
early computer paintings
©0029 The Bird
Scenic Backgrounds
©0030 Bandon Lighthouse
Computer Graphics - Eastern Oregon, barn with collapsed roof Computer Graphics - reeds, clouds; Pelican Lake in Oregon Computer Graphics - Amiga generated art - dancer in seashells
early computer paintings ©0031 The Barn early computer paintings ©0032 Reeds Amiga generated art
©0033 The Dancer
early computer paintings - computer enhanced beautiful girl picture early computer paintings - park, trees woodland; curl special effect Amiga generated art - California house shaking in earthquake
early computer paintings ©0034 Dreaming early computer paintings ©0035 Nature Park Amiga generated art ©0036 California House

For a closer look at the texture of these early computer paintings..see Image Details from Gallery 3.

This entire gallery is available as a unit, or as individual prints.  Ocean, Bird, and Bandon Lighthouse are an outstanding trio in a room seeking these color tones. 


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