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Oregon Woodland digital art - path through flowers and trees in the woods    Oregon Woodland digital art picture - leaves VERY textured    Oregon Woodland scene - brook, stream, creek VERY textured
©0079 The Path ©0080 The Leaves ©0081 The Brook
snow scene with tree; lovely Christmas Tree Oregon Woodland photo - icicles frost ice boat in snowstorm; monochrome
©0082 Snow ©0083 Ice ©0084 The Boat
Blue Heron in boat Pond stock photo - dragonfly closeup squirrel in a tree closeup
©0085 The Heron ©0086 Dragonfly ©0087 Squirrel in a Tree
Woodland forest floor; cedar tree and moss Oregon Woodland digital art - mushrooms Northwest nature park picture - canoe boat on pond with reeds
©0088 Moss ©0089 Mushroom ©0090 The Canoe
Woodland photo - shelf fungus on logs in forest
©0091Shelf Fungus
Nature photo to painting; Praying Mantis closeup    Northwest nature park picture - Jeri Peck Naturalist
  ©0092 Praying Mantis ©0093 The Naturalist

This Gallery is a collection of  many Oregon Woodland  Painterly Photos, made with computer special effects.   What can be seen there?  "The Boat" having floated from the shore on a winter day.  "The Heron" who owns the pond when spring returns.  "The Canoe" wrapped in chunky reeds.  A "Squirrel in a Tree", alert and watchful. 
 "The Naturalist"  busy at her work of study and caring for "Moss", "Mushrooms" and "Shelf Fungus". ..the meat of the forest floor.
           Visit Northwest nature park pictures in "Ice" and "Snow" or strolling down "The Path" in spring, "The Leaves" in fall or "The Brook" in imaginary time.
           For just a little while, one lives the life of a "Dragonfly"   struggles the climb of the "Praying Mantis"  and feels a connection with nature.

Each of these Woodland digital wall art pictures is
Two View
From a distance the prints seem quite real.
Walk closer and the computer effect becomes the dominant sense.
 The Praying Mantis
 provides a sample of the style we used.

from "Digital Art Collections" Gallery 7...
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