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Eastern Oregon Photographs
Baker County-The Oregon Trail

Baker County, Oregon - Alfalfa Silage-Agriculture near Keating heading to Quartz Oregon Trail Interpretive Center- Baker City Oregon Hole in the Wall-Powder River- Baker County Oregon
Baker County Oregon
©0817 Alfalfa - Keating to Quartz
The Oregon Trail ©0816
 Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Hole in the Wall on Powder River
Wallowa Mountains - Frozen Pond 203; Baker City Oregon Farewell Bend State Park - Snake River Reflections
©0804 Frozen Pond 203 - Baker City, Wallowa Mts ©0813 Snake River Reflections- Farewell Bend St Pk
Peniplane of  Powder River - Baker County, Oregon Train passes the Snake River - Farewell Bend State Park Oregon Wild Snake River in Hell's Canyon
Baker County Oregon   ©0806 Peniplane of the Powder River Farewell Bend State Park
Train-Snake River
The Oregon Trail ©0811
Wild Snake River in Hell's Canyon
Reflections on the Powder River; Baker County Oregon Stunning winter frost on Teasel - Baker County Oregon Homestead - Old Oregon Trail Highway -near Farewell Bend State Park
Baker County Oregon ©0807 Reflections on the Powder River Baker County Oregon
©0803 Winter Frost on Teasel
The Oregon Trail ©0809
Homestead - Old Oregon Trail Hwy
picture picture picture
©0812 Anthony Lake at Elkhorn Summit (Gunsight Mountain) Baker County Oregon
©0820 Frosty Mullein
The Oregon Trail
©0810 Historic Farewell Bend
Sumpter Gold Dredge-1934-1954 Sumpter Gold Dredge Tailings Covered wagons circle beneath the Elkhorn Ridge of the Oregon Blue Mountains
Baker County Oregon
©0808 Sumpter Dredge (gold)
Baker County Oregon ©0819 Tailings of the Sumpter Dredge The Oregon Trail ©0821 Covered Wagons - Elkhorn Ridge
Burnt River with green tram - Wallowa Whitman National Forest Baker City Court House Huge Gold Nuggets - US bank at Baker City (Gold Rush) MAP of  Baker County
Baker Map
Burnt River  
Wallowa Whitman
National Forest
©0818 Baker City
   Court House
  (Clock Tower)
 Huge Gold Nuggets
 (US Bank)

This Gallery is from far eastern Baker County.  Pioneers entered Baker County at Historic Farewell Bend.  It was the last camp on their weary journey across the Snake River Plains.  They must have been sad to leave sights like the  Snake River Reflections  to head overland to the Columbia.  But some stayed in this idyllic place, building  Homesteads on the Old Oregon Trail Highway  and a  Train  track aside the Snake River.  A taste of the  Wild Snake River  encountered by settlers can still be had by visiting nearby Hell’s Canyon.  Today the  Oregon Trail Interpretive Center  explains the plight of the pioneer with it’s life size diaramas and Covered Wagon displays.
          Any season is the right season to visit Baker County.  In the summer, fish Anthony Lake at 7150 feet...the Elkhorn Ridge summit of the Blue Mts.   In winter, pass over the North Fork of the  Burnt River, mindful of Winter Frost on Teasel  and   Frosty Mullein  nearby.   Or seek Reflections on the Powder River...wild yet soft & golden.   This Powder River is nature’s gift to Baker County.  It serves as a backdrop to the nearby Wallowa Mountains in  Frozen Pond 203  as well as in  Peniplane (Meander) of the Powder River.     Alfalfa Keating to Quartz drinks from the Powder River as does   Hole in the Wall...a cluster of ranches in Sharp canyons.    In 1984 a landslide on the only road into the area trapped residents till a new road could be built!!   Difficult times are not only for the pioneer days!
          A stop at Sumpter Dredge is a must; one sees acre after acre of gold mining remnants...the  tailings  (rejected rubble) from  this huge gold Dredge.   Gold mining was on everyone’s mind in the early 1900’s.   t brought electricity to this rural area (first to run the dredge...later for the farms)  AND  gold nuggets  so big they still are on display in the US bank in Baker City!
          Baker City is replete with everlasting  Clock towers.  They were the rage at the turn of the century and still dress the skyline.  Baker County residents think ahead!  

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 55 ...

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