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Oregon Waterfalls
Historic Columbia River Highway

Columbia River Highway - Columbia River and Balsam Root and blue lupine in Tom McCall Preserve at Rowena Crest picture
Columbia River Highway
©0297,298,299 Balsam Root in the Columbia Gorge
Columbia River Hwy
©0923 Rowena Loop Crest
picture picture picture
Columbia River Highway
©0927 Visitors to Vista House
Entry to Columbia Gorge
Oregon Waterfalls
©0928 StarvationCreekFalls
Oregon Waterfalls
©0918 Wispy Elowah Falls
picture picture picture
Oregon Waterfalls
©0915 Latourell Falls
popular trail
Oregon Waterfalls
©0920 Latourell Falls Entire
Oregon Waterfalls
©0916 Wahkeena Falls-Spring
picture picture picture

Oregon Scenery ©0919
Undulating Horsetail Falls
Oregon Scenery
©0921 Wahclella Falls  
Oregon Scenery  (Upper)
©0917  Bridal Veil Falls
picture picture picture picture
©0929 Rock Work on Columbia River Highway Columbia River Highway ©0922 Bonneville Sturgeon Columbia River Highway
©0930 Elowah Falls
Columbia Gorge
©0931 Trickles PungentWoods
picture picture picture
Oregon Waterfalls ©0924 Multnomah Falls Entire Oregon Waterfalls ©0926 Wahkeena Falls Flowers Oregon Waterfalls©0925 Shepperd's Dell Falls
picture picture
Columbia River Highway
©0950 Eagle Creek Bridge
Columbia Gorge Pictures
©0951 Columbia River Sternwheeler

This Gallery is a snapshot of what you see when you travel the Historic Columbia River Highway.  You encounter the magnificence of falling water...from the 620 foot cascade of Multnomah Falls to the twisting ripples of Bridal Veil Creek.  There are 77 recognized waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Columbia! Here is an Oregon map of the proximity of the major points of interest on this well maintained road built in the early 1920's by the National Park Service. 
          As you travel from Portland to The Dalles,  you first take notice of Vista House,  then Latourell Falls,  then your attention turns to the Basalt Overhang showing the difficulty in making the road and  rock work  that edges it's steep cliffs.  Bridal Veil Falls   State Park with it's unique cascading water and pungent woods is next.  In addition to  Shepperd's Dell Falls  there are great views from the bridge of the Shepperd's Dell State Natural Area.  Next you pass Wahkeena Falls and come to the most visited natural attraction in Oregon...  Multnomah Falls.
          A hike from the highway brings you to Oneonta Gorge, then back to the Highway to see lacy  Horsetail Falls  and then on to  Elowah Falls taking you further and further east. Past Elowah Falls is  Wahclella Falls (also known as Tanner Creek Falls),  then Lancaster Falls,  then Starvation Creek Falls.  Between Mosier and the Dalles comes the interesting switchback part of the Historic Columbia River Highway called  Rowena Loops  as well as fine views of the  Columbia River from Tom McCall Preserve.  Stop by the Bonneville Sturgeon Center and Fish Hatchery to see or be seen by a curious Sturgeon !

          The road and trails of the "Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area" undertook a renovation from 1986 to 1998 making this All-American Road a treat to travel.

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