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Farmland Photographs of Oregon
The Deschutes Umatilla Plateau

Athena pea and grain fields
Farmland photographs - ©0544  The Hills of Athena (Oregon's Palouse)
White River State Park Grass Valley grain elevator in summer sunset
Deschutes Umatilla Plateau
White River Falls Moonlight
Deschutes Umatilla Plateau
©0358 Grass Valley
Grain Fields in Pendleton Oregon Wheat farm near Helix; Milton Freewater Crop duster in Walla Walla, WA
Eastern Oregon pictures
©0233 The
Pendleton Hills
Eastern Oregon pictures
Bearded Wheat
Eastern Oregon pictures
©0332 Racing the Rain
Mt Jefferson near Madras, OR Tractor and disk Farm machinery must be kept running.  The job of the welder Setting out sprinklers as day ends
Eastern Oregon pictures
Tractor in the Dust
©0360  The Welder
Eastern Oregon pictures
©0331 Sprinkler Man
Cantaloupe Field in Hermiston, Oregon Colorful turbines at the John Day Dam on Columbia Whitewater Rafting on the Deschutes River near Maupin, OR
Deschutes Umatilla Plateau
©0326 Hermiston
Columbia River
John Day Dam
Deschutes Umatilla Plateau
©0359 Maupin Rafters
Tygh Valley is east of Mt Hood near Maupin, OR ©0357 Tygh  Valley
Pendleton Grain Fields and teasel from Emigrant Hill ©0355 From Emigrant Hill (Pendleton)
Olex Schoolhouse 1880 Alfalfa Field; farm crop, square hay bales Circle Irrigation from the Columbia River waters Irrigation Circles using Columbia River water at Lake Umatilla
©0327 Olex Schoolhouse
©0333 Square Hay Bales Columbia River aerial
©0360 Mc Nary  Dam
 Columbia River aerial
©0354 Lake Umatilla

This Gallery is  the Deschutes Umatilla Plateau... Eastern Oregon's productive farmland.  There are both irrigated crops like "Hermiston Cantaloupe"   and dry land crops...the grains that spawn  the "Tractor in the Dust".   Columbia River aerial photos show  the waters of the Columbia providing for  "Circle Irrigation" . The colorful turbines of the "John Day Dam"   and The McNary Dam give electric power and passage for ships headed up and down the Columbia.
         Heavy "Square Hay Bales"   feed livestock;  "The Welder "  keeps the balers and tractors working to make those bales.   "Bearded Wheat"  is a common open plains or valleys like "Tygh Valley" ... nestled in the hills.
         The "Sprinkler Man" must toil to set his pipe and the crop duster must "Race the Rain". Only then will the "Grain Elevator"    bulge by August.  The "Olex Schoolhouse 1880"   and the "Homestead"  bear testimony to a very long history of people thriving in this area .  "Maupin Rafters"   attest to modern day fun!
         The road on  "Emigrant Hill"  brought the people to Pendleton; the peaceful beauty  of the "Pendleton Hill's"   and  "White River Falls"  and "The Hills of Athena" shows why the people stayed!

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 18...

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