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Colorful Oregon Autumn  Painterly Photo
©1312 Starvation Creek Trail - Columbia Gorge

Autumn painting of Historic Columbia River Highway, now Starvation Creek Trail

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This computer painting, seen on the artists easel, is from the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.  The roadway of Starvation Creek Trail, once a part of the Oregon Trail, is a lovely scene in fall.

On canvas this image has
unique texture and strong color of painterly leaves punctuating the path.   It is an original digital photopainting done with Photoshop and Corel Painter on a Wacom Table. The digitally printed canvas could be hand brushed with artist acrylic paints and then machine stretched in gallery wrap style.  It has also been sprayed with durable UV protection multiple times to make it water and fingerprint resistant.

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Here are prices for Gallery wrap canvas on 1" stretcher frame.
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For other options...Email Marilyn Peck or  call Paul  503-625-7937

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