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Sunsets_Seals_Pinnacle NM_Morrow Bay

California's Northern Coast
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Battery Point Lighthouse Crescent City Victorian Building in Ferndale Trinidad Lighthouse
Painterly Photo: North Coast
©1161 Battery Point Lighthouse
Painterly Photo: North Coast
©1162 Victorian Bldg Ferndale
Painterly Photo: North Coast
©1160 Trinidad Lighthouse
California's Redwood National Forest California's Redwood National Forest Treehouse in Sequoia Zoo; African Crane
California's North Coast
©0619 Redwood Forest Photo
CA North Coast Photo
©0618 Redwood Road
Painterly Photo: North Coast
©1148 Treehouse Sequoia Zoo
Mendocino Lighthouse at Shelter Cove, Point Legato Point Arena Lighthouse near Mendocino Point Reyes Sunset
Painterly Photo: North Coast
©1159 Mendocino Lighthouse
Painterly Photo: North Coast Pan
©1164 Point Arena Lighthouse
California Coast Photograph
©1207 Point Reyes Sunset
Point Reyes Lighthouse Natural Bridges at Morrow Bay coastal redwoods in prairie creek park PAINTING
Painterly Photo: California Coast
©1208 Point Reyes Lighthouse
California Coast Pictures ©1209 Natural Bridges - Morrow Bay  Photograph Prarie Creek Park Painterly Photo
©1151 Coastal Redwoods
Central Coast of California
Click on the Painterly Photos for Coastal Paintings Easel view   see also   South Coast Pictures
Santa Cruz Wavebursts - Central Coast Painting Santa Lucia Range Two Elephant Seals    San Simeon
Painterly Photo: Central Coast
©1158 Santa Cruz Wavebursts
Central Coast
©1154 Santa Lucia Range
Central Coast Photograph
©1167  Two Elephant Seals
The Beach at Carmel Santa Cruz Twilight; Santa Cruz county south of San Francisco Pinnacles National Monument Condor Release Site
Central Coast Photograph
©1165 The Beach at Carmel
Central Coast Photograph
©1166 Santa Cruz Twilight
Painterly Photo: Central Coast
©1147  Pinnacles NM and Condor Release Site
Monarch Butterfly at Pacific Grove Vivarium Pigeon Point Lighthouse   Pescadero, California Elephant Seal Rookery   San Simeon
Pacific Grove Vivarium
©1152 Monarch Butterfly
Central Coast Photograph
©1170 Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Painterly Photo: Central Coast
©1146 Elephant Seal Rookery
Beach at Malibu California PAINTING Buttercups at Morrow Bay PAINTING Point Lobos - Central California Coast 
Painterly Photo: Central Coast
©1210 Malibu
Painterly Photo: Central Coast ©1211 Buttercups-Morrow Bay Painterly Photo: Central Coast ©1155 Point Lobos 

This Gallery is all about the North and Central Coast of California. This part of coastline has taller trees  (giant coastal redwoods-tallest in the world)  and louder wildlife (the once nearly extinct Elephant Seals of  Piedras Blancas near San Simeon)  than the more robust San Francisco Los Angeles and  San Diego.    
          Here you will find a respite for tired travelers like the Monarch  Butterfly, the endangered Condor, and the African Crane (along with the other 100 animals of the Sequoia Park Zoo). 
           Lighthouse after lighthouse after lighthouse after lighthouse has protected these pacific shores - turning the sound of crashing waves into the silence of  a colorful sunset.

from "Compelling Landscapes" Gallery 37a ...

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