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Washington Pictures - Mt Index
Columbia_Wenatchee_Tieton Rivers

3 pointed Cathedral Spires of Mt Index (5979ft)  3 pointed Cathedral Spires

        Mt Index

 Snoqualmie National Forest

Central Washington Cascades
©0912 Mt Index in Snoqualmie National Forest
Longview on the Columbia River (Washington Industry)
Washington Rivers Slim Panorama
©0909 Longview on the Columbia River
Apple Orchards on the Columbia River (Washington Agriculture)
Washington Rivers Slim Panorama
©0891 Apple Orchards on the Columbia River
Orchards on the Wenatchee River; Central Cascades in the background Gleed in the Naches Valley Rock Island Dam on the Columbia River
Washington Cascades
©0893 Orchards on the Wenatchee River
Central Washington
©0663 Gleed in Naches Valley
Washington River Pictures
©0897 Rock Island Dam - Chelan WA
Pear Blossoms in Leavenworth Willows Reflected in an Open Water pond made by Columbia River  Wenatchee River Valley leads to the mountains of the Central Cascades
©0896 Pear Blossoms in Leavenworth ©0898 Willows in the Columbia-Rock Island Central Washington
©0900 The Wenatchee River
Hidden Valley between Cle Elum & Ellensburg NW Railway Museum honors oldest train in Washington Tieton Diversion Dam serving Naches Valley & Yakima Valley since 1917
Hwy 97 to Wenatchee
©0901 Hidden Valley
Snoqualmie NF
©0637 NW Railway Museum
Tieton River
©0665 Tieton Diversion Dam
Wild Tieton River west of Naches and before the Tieton Dam Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF; Snoqualmie Valley Museum - Logging Museum Rimrock Lake - Reservoir made from the Tieton Diversion Dam
Wenatchee National Forest
©0666 Wild Tieton River
Snoqualmie National Forest
©0635 Snoqualmie Museum
Wenatchee National Forest
©0664 Rimrock Lake

This Gallery is central Washington,  teasing the viewer with idyllic open spaces, but it is also demonstrating  powerful rivers that wildly race down the Cascades. The  Tieton River, captured by the Tieton Diversion Dam, creates Rimrock lake.  This river has been irrigating  the Naches and Yakima Valleys since 1917.

         Orchard fruits including apples, often packed in containers made in Longview,  are enroute to buyers via the Columbia River  One of the dams on the Columbia River, the Rock Island Dam, provides electric power for Chelan County as well as aiding boat travel with its navigational locks. Graceful Willows reflect in "open water" drawn from the Columbia.  Orchards  continue to line the Columbia River well past  Wenatchee.

         West of the Columbia, orchards of  Leavenworth pears  are among those that feed from the Wenatchee River.   The Wenatchee River Valley leads to the mountains of the Wenatchee National Forest  on the East side of the Cascades.

        One crosses the Cascades at  Stevens Pass to reach the Snoqualmie National Forest. Suddenly... there are the cathedral spires of  the most unique peak of the Central Cascades, showy Mount Index.

         Tucked in the Snoqualmie NF is a  Historical Museum and the very active Northwest Railway Museum teaching visitors about Washington's life today and yesterday.

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