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Great Basin National Park-Nevada Photos
Death Valley_ Mono Lake_Mojave Desert

Humboldt Toiyabe Pictures
Death Valley Sunrise - Panamint Mountains Cottonwoods on Snake Creek Road Salt Flats of Badwater - lowest point in western hemisphere -282 feet
Death Valley Photos
©0870 Death Valley Sunrise
©0874 Cottonwoods Snake Creek Rd Death Valley Photos
©0873 Salt Flats of Badwater
Jeff Davis Peak in the Snake Range - 12771 ft Mono Lake Tufa Reserve; 30 ft columns of limestone precipitated in playa lake Mt Wheeler in Fall Color-Tallest Mt in Snake Range 13,063 ft
Humboldt Toiyabe Photos
Great Basin National Park
©0882 Jeff Davis Peak
Pictures of Great Basin
©0876 Mono Lake Tufa Reserve
Great Basin National Park
©0883 Mt Wheeler in Fall Color
1 car driving Past the Funeral Mountains Death Valley Dunes at Sunset; Death Valley National Park Humboldt National Forest - Great Basin National Park
Death Valley Photos
©0877 Driving By the Funeral Mts
Death Valley Photos
©0875 Death Valley Dunes Sunset
Humboldt Toiyabe Photos
©0885 Humboldt National Forest
Bristlecone Pine cone with Bristle! Wheeler Peak Grove

Mojave Desert Sunset (Avawatz Mountains)

Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest from Wheeler Peak Overlook

Humboldt Toiyabe Photos
©0884 Bristlecone Pine Cone Bristle
Pictures of the Great Basin
©0878 Mojave Desert Sunset
Humboldt Toiyabe Photos
Great Basin National Park
©0886 Humboldt Toiyabe NF
Distant Headlights of but one car on Hwy 50=US 6 Utah to Ely, Nevada Mountains of the Snake Range - Wheeler Peak on rt- Jeff Davis on left - Great Basin NP
Pictures of Nevada Great Basin
©0871 The Loneliest Road in America
Humboldt Toiyabe Photos Great Basin NP
©0887 Mountains of the Snake Range - Wheeler Peak
Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest in Nevada Scotty's Castle in Grapevine Canyon; oasis in the desert
Humboldt Toiyabe Photos   Great Basin NP
©0872 Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest
Death Valley Photos
©0879  Scotty's Castle in Grapevine Canyon
Bristlecone Pine - 4000ya from Wheeler Peak Grove

Snake Creek and Cottonwoods

Panorama of the Yellow Cottonwoods at Snake Creek Road-Great Basin National Park
Colorful Cottonwoods
©0874a Cottonwoods at Snake Creek Rd Panorama
Nevada Great Basin NP
©0881 Bristlecone Pine  4000ya
Colorful Cottonwoods ©0880 Snake Creek and Cottonwoods

Map of The Great Basin

This Gallery is: The Great Basin of the United States!  It envelops Nevada, and touches Oregon (see Oregon's Basin & Range Gallery),  Idaho,  lots of Utah and parts of southwest California.  In these sparsely populated Basin Range areas, precipitation falls mostly as snow that melts in the spring.  Much evaporates leaving dry deserts pictured here in "Death Valley Photos" and  "Mojave Desert" pictures; the melted snow that flows into streams collects in playa lakes...salty lakes that have no outlet to the sea. 

        The Great Basin is made of Mountains and Deserts...a world of Superlatives!.  The hottest place (Death Valley 120 in summer), the lowest point (Death Valley 282' below sea level), the largest National Park (Death Valley), the driest place (Death Valley 2" rain per year), the oldest living organisms ..."Bristlecone pines 4000 ya" in "Great Basin NP",  the tallest  "Tufa Towers" (30 ft limestone towers rising from Mono Lake, an oasis in the Great Basin that serves millions of migratory and nesting birds.)  Mono Lake is a playa lake ie alkaline lake since it has no outlet and therefore is subject to salt buildup.  It is the oldest lake in the US, formed about 760,000 years ago.

        In this most inhospitable area lived the greatest legend..flamboyant and outrageous Walter Scott. He leaves behind  "Scotty's Castle", a huge and isolated Death Valley Ranch now visited by tourists.  The "Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest"  (6.3 million acres)  is the largest forest in the lower 48 states.  It  contains "Great Basin National Park" and the most scenic campground at  "Wheeler Peak"  and "Jeff  Davis Peak" ...tallest peaks of the "Snake Range".

        There is the worst "Badwater" and the "Loneliest road in America".  Is that enough superlatives for you?   

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