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Montana Wildlife Painterly Photo
©1103 Buffalo - West Yellowstone

Montana Wildlife Painting; Buffalo mothers and calves at West Yellowstone,canvas print

Buffalo is an inaccurate name for these massive creatures who can run nearly 30 mph. They are actually Bison.
In the early 1800's there was a population of 65,000,000!  By 1890, there were but 1000! Yellowstone NP provided protection and sanctuary for Bison which   grew to a herd of 3500 by the year 2000.  When Buffalo range outside of Yellowstone, they are subject to capture and possible slaughter; some fear this imprudent attempt to protect local cattle ranchers may limit the size and health of the herd.
Calves are exciting to photograph BUT every year someone gets attacked by a protective mother. It's best to use a looooong lens!!

Consider Canvas
Not only does a canvas have unique texture, strong color yet high detail...the framed image is lightweight and easy to hang or move to a new location as needed. Our framed canvas images ship well so cost less to ship than a matted picture framed under glass.

These buffalo printed on canvas have been sprayed with durable UV protection multiple times and hand brushed with a tough lacquer to make them water & fingerprint resistant. Click here for more information about canvas treatment.

Here are prices for Gallery wrap canvas on 1" stretcher frame.
Instantly Ready to hang !!


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