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Colorful New Mexico Photographs
White Sands NM_El Morro NM_Roswell_Cotton Field

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New Mexico Landscape Photographs - Truth or Consequences,NM The Derrick Floor by Vic Payne, Sculpture; 1950-dedicated to riggers of Artesia
New Mexico Landscape Photographs
©0710  Hills of Truth or Consequences
©0716 Remember "The Derrick
     Floor" - Artesia, New Mexico
White Sands National Monument Visitor Center with adobe walls and cactus landscape Leopold Vista - First set aside is Gila wilderness-1924 Trinity=first atom bomb test 1945; Museum of Space History - Alamogordo, New Mexico
New Mexico Landscape Photographs
©0724 Walls of Adobe
Scenic pictures of New Mexico
©0713 Leopold Vista of Gila Wilderness
Scenic pictures of New Mexico
©0725 Museum of Space History
  El Morro - Sandstone Wall with Water Pool - oasis in desert El Morro Petroglyphs from 12000 ya and 1800's; sandstone carvings
8100 feet - Emory Pass cuts through Mimbres Mountains at Gila National Forest
New Mexico Pan ©0708 Emory Pass New Mexico
275 sq miles of gypsum from San Andreas Erosion - half is White Sands National Monument
New Mexico Pan ©0709 White Sands National Monument
Click on an above image for a larger view! ©1066 El Morro
   National Monument
©1067 El Morro
New Mexico Natural History & Science Museum - Albuquerque San Andres Mts, Sacramento Mts, and the Tularosa Basin (White Sands National Monument) This Rosemary Mint grows taller to keep its head above the sand
New Mexico
©0726 NM Natural
   History Museum
©0714 Gypsum Sand
     in Morning Light
©0719 Rosemary Mint
Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Roswell, New Mexico; birds in flight White Sands National Monument Sunset Tourists are encouraged to walk on the soft desert sand of White Sands National Monument
Scenic pictures of New Mexico
©0711 Bitter Lake at Roswell, NM
White Sands National Monument
©0720 Moonlight on the Desert
White Sands National Monument
©0721 Dancing in the Color
Entrada Red Sandstone makeup Nazlini Painted Hills Las Cruces (southern New Mexico) has beautiful cotton to harvest Animal Statues adorn rocks...made by Native Americans near Gallup NM in Lupton AZ
New Mexico landscape photographs
©0715 Nazlini Badlands
New Mexico landscape photographs
©0717 Las Cruces Cotton Field
 Scenic photographs near Gallup NM
©0718 Red Sandstone of Lupton AZ
Oil Refinery in Artesia, New Mexico Once abundant in SW New Mexico, now infrequent but lovely - Sycamore Trees Collared Lizard- Prickly Pine-Valley of the Fires (Malpais) Seed pods on a Soaptree Yucca - cactus
©0712 Artesia's  Oil
New Mexico Photos
©0722 SycamoreTrees
New Mexico Photos
©0723 Collared Lizard
©0727 Soaptree

This Gallery is a scenic view of  New Mexico... a colorful landscape... a colorful people
        Consider the people of  Truth or Consequences ...  a town willing to adopt the name of a  TV program!   Far north near Gallup,  Native Americans  created large sculptures of wildlife; they perch on Redrock Sandstone that forms the area's hills.   And the landscapes?  Colorful striped badlands, north of  Nazlini, display the variety of ancient soils frozen in time during global cooling. Yes, colorful indeed, New Mexico is made of  adobe Yucca  and gypsum sand.
        Much New Mexico landscape photography is possible as there is a  paradoxical mix of  productive Las Cruces Cotton Fields , yet the isolation of the Gila Wilderness...of endulged birds at  Bitter Lake at Roswell, yet cringing  Collared Lizards  hiding  from the piercing sun.  It is a logical place for a Dinosaur Museum, as this is where the asteroid hit that extinguished them.  It is a logical place for the Museum of Space History,  as the clarified air of the New Mexican high desert fostered  research that led the way.  Throngs of visitors clammer to White Sands National Monument,  learning they must stall their view of sparkling white gypsum  till the road reopens... that is, if a missile is being tested.
         Sycamores and sunsets   attest to the softness of  New Mexican life.  Artesia's Oil Refinery, (and the men on the derrick floor)  like the desert's heroic Rosemary Mint tells the story of harsh challenges that must be overcome.
The roads that twist  toward  Emory Pass  (8100') let you experience the solitude of the Mimbres Mountains of the Gila National Forest.  If you are very quiet, you can hear spotted owl, and very very quiet... your own thoughts.    

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