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Washington Skagit Valley Flowering Farms
Iris_Tulips_Lettuce-Mustard Fields Pictures

Red tulip flowers On McClean Road - Blue Diamond Irises; enroute of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
©0743 Sunny Walls Iris Photgraphs    ©0735 Blue Iris in Skagit Valley
Little Mountain - A lookout point in Mt. Vernon seen from Roozengaarde Garden Swinomish Channel at LaConner (Skagit Valley Tulip area) Washington Blue Diamond Iris farm in Skagit Valley Washington
©0750 Little Mountain at
     Roozengaarde Garden
Skagit Valley Washington
©0742  Swinomish Channel
Blue Diamond Iris Photgraphs
©0734  Farming Skagit Valley
Queen of the Night tulips; Roozengaarde Display Gardens Burgundy Lace Tulips; Roozengaarde Display Gardens Pink Tulips on display in Roozengaarde Garden
©0741 Queen of the Night Tulips
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival  click for closeup
©0738 Burgundy Lace in Garden
  Skagit Valley Tulip Festival click for closeup
©0739 Greenland Tulips
 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival click for closeup
Endless Lettuce Rows - Skagit Valley Washington Man hoes lettuce all day long in Skagit Valley Lettuce farm Men operating a lettuce planter; Skagit Valley Washington
Skagit Valley pictures
©0745 Lettuce Field
Skagit Valley pictures
©0744 Lettuce All Day Long
Skagit Valley pictures
©0747 Planting Lettuce
A sea of white iris - Apollo Iris - Skagit Valley Washington Skagit Valley Washington 70% of World's Mustard comes from Skagit Valley Barn covered with ivy in Skagit Valley Washington
©0746 White Iris ©0740 Skagit Valley Mustard Field ©0749 Ivy Barn
Unique Daffodils abound The purest white daffodil Fir-Conway Lutheran Church; Conway, Washington Spirit in the Community thrives during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
©0748 Daffodils Surprise ©0736 Delicate ©0751 Fir-Conway  Church ©0737 The Tulip Barn

This Gallery is a look at Skagit Valley farming.
       Several hundred million dollars is generated yearly by farming  Skagit Valley Washington.  These Skagit Valley pictures trace the route of the Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near Mt. Vernon and its varied agricultural scenery.

        Breathtaking fields of  perfect blue rows provide great iris photographs of the "Blue Iris" on McClean Road.  Nearby displays of  "Queen of the Night", "Burgundy Lace" and "Greenland Tulips" add to the riot of spring color. The Roozengaarde Display Garden sports tulips closeup and "Little Mountain" - Mt. Vernon's high hill lookout.   "Sunny walls" of  red  tulips and  streams of  "White Iris" rest a stone's throw from each other...each appreciative of mild winters and moderately dry summers...the perfect bulb growing climate.  "Delicate" white daffodils are among many varieties that yield many a  "Daffodil Surprise"  in the early spring.
       Unique "Ivy covered Barns" and "Barns with Tulips" painted on them are seen as you wind your way  from Mt. Vernon to LaConner.  There, the  "Swinomish Channel", gateway to the Swinomish Indian Tribe on Fidalgo Island, poses an arched bridge over Pioneer Parkway.
       "Farming Skagit Valley"  is always a large proposition.  Seventy percent of the world's "Mustard" comes from Skagit Valley.   "Lettuce Fields"  seem to stretch for miles.  Very specialized "Lettuce Planting" machinery starts the crop, but "Hoeing all day long" is strictly one man against many weeds!
       At the end of the day, the sunset at the "Fir-Conway Church" says it all. Thanks for mother nature's climate that creates intense, colorful beauty.
Here's a map of Skagit Valley Washington where these pictures were taken.

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