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Gallery 10


20 Columbia Gorge Pictures


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Cherry Orchard Panorama
Columbia Gorge Pictures
©0138-0140 Cherry Orchard Panorama
Mitchell Overlook
Columbia Gorge
©0142 Mitchell Overlook
The Columbia Gorge
Columbia Gorge pictures
©0141 Columbia Gorge
A Multnomah Falls Visit
Multnomah Falls photographs
©0512 A Multnomah Falls Visit
Mt. Hood at Lost Lake with boat
Oregon Scenics
©0143 Mt. Hood at Lost Lake
Play on the Columbia
Columbia Gorge pictures
©0147 Play on the Columbia
Tom McCall Preserve
Columbia Gorge pictures
©0148 Tom McCall Preserve
Vista House
Columbia Gorge pictures
©0149 Vista House
Stonehenge photographs
©0150 Stonehenge
Pear Blossoms
Oregon Scenics
©0151 Pear Blossoms
Columbia Gorge pictures
©0185 Transportation
Bridal Veil Creek
©0144 Bridal Veil
Lancaster Falls
©0145 Lancaster
Multnomah Falls
Multnomah Falls
Wahkeena Falls
Painterly Photo
Wahkeena Falls
Horsetail Falls
©0153 Horsetail

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Oneonta Falls
Oneonta Falls
Photograph Oneonta Falls
©1069 Photograph
Oneonta Falls
Oneonta Creek
Columbia Gorge pictures
©1070 Oneonta Creek
Oneonta Gorge
Columbia Gorge pictures
©1071 Oneonta Gorge

This Gallery is Pacific Northwest Waterfalls at spectacular Columbia Gorge!!  A "Cherry Orchard" twinkles with Mt Hood looking on... "Pear Blossoms" encircle a tractor driver.  "Bridal Veil Creek" offers up wild flowers;  the "Tom McCall Preserve" dancing with golden balsam flanks the Columbia River.
     When taking Columbia Gorge pictures you can feel mist from "Lancaster Falls" or visit the popular "Multnomah Falls" experience the quiet solitude of  "Horsetail Falls" or view the showy "Wahkeena Falls"... here dressed for the fall season.  Take any mode of  "Transportation" to sweep around the hills.
      For action lovers, watch the water skiers who "Play on the Columbia" or sail boaters who steer toward "Mt Hood at Lost Lake". For vast expanses, there is the "View to Mt Hood". From the Women's Forum Overlook  one can see "Vista House" perched high on rocky cliffs.  For History buffs, there is "Stonehenge"...a reminder of the effort it took to predict spring in days gone by.
      Those who are not faint of heart find the trek to Oneonta Falls, through Oneonta Gorge
challenging on a summer day.
     And for the end of day, when reflecting on the beauty of Oregon's incredible treasure, the twilight colors of "Mitchell Overlook" ensure you will never forget your excursion.

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