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Gallery 22

20 Willamette Valley Photos

Salem-Stayton-Detroit Lake Pictures

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Detroit Lake on the North Santiam River in the Oregon Cascades
Detroit Lake Panorama
©0552 Detroit Lake on the North Santiam River
I5 Bridge Sunset
Willamette Valley Photos
©0521 Santiam Sunset at I5
Painting of Cherry blossoms at Oregon's Capitol Mall in Salem Oregon
Willamette Valley Photos
©0513 The State Capitol, art
Lewis and Clark Marble Carving at Oregon's Capitol Mall in Salem
Marion County, Oregon
©0524 Lewis and Clark
Silverton Oregon flower farm in bloom
Willamette Valley Photos
©0794 Cosmos Sensation Mix
Sunset - Santiam River  after it joins N, S and Mid Santiam River
Scenic Oregon Photographs
©0514 Santiam River (Sunset)
Giant Globe of icons around the world
Willamette Valley Photos
©0520 Globe-Salem Riverfront Pk
deciduous oak trees in Willamette Valley sunset
Scenic Oregon Photographs
©0516 Trees of the Valley (Oak)
Marion County Historical Dye House: 1889
Marion County, Oregon
©0522 The Dye House
Eammon Hughes Water Garden in Silverton's Oregon Garden
Oregon Photographs
©0796  Hughes Water Garden
Schreiner's Iris Field
Willamette Valley Photos
©0518 Train -  Schreiner's Iris Field
Silver Falls State Park (Silvercreek Falls)
Silvercreek Falls
©0797 North Falls in the Distance
Golden Pioneer atop Oregon's State Capitol
Marion County Oregon
©0517 Golden Pioneer
Upper North Falls in Silver Falls State Park
Silvercreek Falls
©0798 Upper North Falls - Silver Falls SP
Weathered Tree Trunk - Upper North Falls of Silver Falls State Park
Marion County Oregon
©0795 Weathered Tree Trunk-Silver Falls
Shirley Red Poppy Field panorama
Willamette Valley Photos
©0793 Shirley (red)  Poppy Field panorama - Silverton Oregon
Close view of North Falls on Silver Creek in Silver Falls State Park
Silvercreek Falls
©0799 Reach out and Touch North Falls - Silver Falls State Park
Wheatland Ferry Willamette River
Willamette Valley Photos
©0838 The Wheatland Ferry
Crossing the Willamette River
Jordan Covered Bridge in Pioneer Park
Scenic Oregon Photographs
©0760 Jordan Covered Bridge - Pioneer Park Stayton Oregon
Salem Wheat Field - Oregon Agriculture
Scenic Oregon Photographs
©0523 The Softness of Wheat -  Salem, Oregon

This Gallery is pictures of Marion County ...located in the heart of the Willamette Valley. It is home to Oregon’s  State Capitol  in Salem – an impressive marble building where the Lewis and Clark  facade reminds us of Oregon’s past.  Flowering Cherry trees enrich the landscape and the Golden Pioneer looks down from his perch on their pink blossoms. Salem’s Riverfront Park has a giant globe made of tiles that are icons for people, places and animals around the world. All ages can learn from this unique attraction which was dedicated in 2003.
          Marion County reaches east – Detroit Lake on the Santiam River and to the south –Jordan Covered Bridge (which was moved TO Pioneer Park in Stayton in 1988, burned down a few years later and was rebuilt again in 1998!).
         Diverse agriculture is demonstrated in wheat fields and Iris fields in Salem, Poppy and Cosmos fields in Silverton, and as many as 20 specialty gardens, such as Hughes Water Garden, displayed in The Oregon Garden in Silverton.
Marion County can include sunsets of uncommon beauty and graceful waterfalls of uncommon power that dapple Silver Falls State Park in Silverton. What a breath taking oppotunity to see Oregon’s natural and manmade scenery!!

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