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Gallery 45

17 Scenic Oregon Lighthouse Pictures

Pacific Ocean Coastline Photos

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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is a 62 foot tower on basalt rock islet
Lighthouse Photos
©0441Distant Tillamook Rock
Heceta Head Lighthouse, 56 foot tower built in 1893
Oregon Lighthouses ©0438 Sunny Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Ocean Waves; lighthouse and light keeper's house
Lighthouse Photos
©0437 Heceta Head Ocean Waves
Arago Lighthouse- 44 foot tower built (for the third time) in 1934
Oregon Lighthouses
©0444 Hard Working Arago Light
Sea Gulls by foggy Yaquina Head Light, 93 foot tower; 1873
Lighthouse Pictures
©0576 Foggy Yaquina Head Light
Lighthouse map
There are nine
Oregon Lighthouses

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse- Used 1871 to 1874. 40 foot tower in Newport
Lighthouse Photos
©0447 Yaquina Bay Twilight
Heceta Head Lighthouse by foggy moonlight - 56 foot tower built in 1893
Oregon Lighthouses(moonlight)
©0451 Heceta Head at Dusk
Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, 40 foot tower
Coquille River Lighthouse
©0436 Bandon's Twilight
Cape Blanco Painting-59 foot  Lighthouse built in 1870
Lighthouse Painting
©1396 Elegant Cape Blanco
Yaquina Head Sunset- 93 foot  Lighthouse in Newport
Lighthouse Pictures
©0462 Yaquina Head Sunset
65 foot tower of Umpqua River Lighthouse ( built 1857 fell in river 1861)
©0445 Umpqua Light
Heceta Head Lighthouse, 56 foot tower built in 1893
©0450 Heceta Head
Cape Meares Lighthouse 38 foot tower...shortest... built 1890 on a 200 ft cliff
©0449 Cape Meares
59 foot Cape Blanco Lighthouse towers above the westernmost point in Oregon since 1870
©0443 Blanco Fog
Dune Grass at Bandon Lighthouse on the Coquille River
©0442 Dune Grass (Bandon)
Yaquina Head Lighthouse Panorama or triptych
Oregon Lighthouses
©0446 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Panorama
Blanco Night- 59 foot Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Blanco Night

This Gallery is a tribute to the lighthouse ... a monument to a maritime heritage.  The importance of the Oregon lighthouses cannot be overstated.  If not for the light...  
     There is the strongest light seen from 21 miles in the sea,  Heceta Head.  There's the tallest, Yaquina Head.  There's the oldest, Cape Blanco built in 1870, and the newest, the hard working Cape Arago. 
     The Coquille River Lighthouse  in Bandon is unique because it currently has a solar-powered system to operate its light.  The beautiful Cape Meares Lighthouse is in deep contrast to "Terrible Tilly",  the nickname given the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse,  bashed by storms and waves. 
      In the late 1800's,  Yaquina Bay Lighthouse had the light keepers quarters in the same building as the tower. The Umpqua River Lighthouse on Winchester Bay now guards the place where the first Oregon lighthouse was assembled.  It has been rebuilt and repositioned as many of the lighthouses have been. 
     Our thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard and volunteers alike. They watch over sentinels who watch over us.

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Oregon Coast Panoramas:
0305-343-344 Cape Blanco and the Lighthouse
0307 Cape Arago and the Lighthouse
0446 Yaquina Head Lighthouse
0304 Cape Foulweather (Otter Crest)
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0306 Harris Beach & the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve
0308 Shore Acres State Park - The Garden
0972 Battle Rock in Port Orford

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