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Gallery 36


18 Pacific Ocean Scenic Photographs


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Cape Meares Light Sunset - Cape Meares State Park
Oregon Coast sunsets
©0399 Cape Meares
Sea Birds at Tolovana south of Cannon Beach
Oregon Coast sunsets
©0411 Tolovana Sundown
Battle Rock Wayside at Port Orford
Oregon Coast sunsets
©0412 Port Orford Sunset
Cape Blanco Lighthouse State Park, North of Port Orford
Southern Oregon Coast pictures
©0351 Blanco Rock (Cape Blanco State Pk)
Shore Acres by Coos Bay
Southern Oregon Coast pictures
©0352 Shore Acres Waveburst
Newport Boats Sunset - Oregon Coast - Pacific Ocean
Oregon Coast sunsets
©0349 Newport Boats in Dock
Cape Kiwanda Sunset; North of Pacific City
Oregon Coast sunsets
©0350 Cape Kiwanda Sunset
Gorse - Coquille River Lighthouse- Bandon Lighthouse
Southern Oregon Coast pictures
©0410 Gorse Bandon Lighthouse
Harris Beach-Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve
©0306 Harris Beach and
the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve
Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay
©0308  Shore Acres State Park
The Garden
Darlingtonia or Pitcher Plant Waldport, Florence
©0396 Darlingtonia
(The Pitcher Plant)
McCullough Bridge over the Wilson River in Tillamook
©1119 McCullough Bridge
Wilson River in Tillamook
A wind surfer takes a chilly dip
Oregon beaches
©0398 The Windsurfer
Dunes at the Spinreel Campground along Tenmile Creek in Coos County
©0415  The Dunes
(Spinreel Campground)
Sand Flower at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
Oregon Dunes Nat Rec Area
©0414  The Sand Flower
Kids at Del Rey Beach North of Seaside
Oregon beaches
©0397 Kids
Cape Perpetua at  Pacific Ocean- Near Yachats
Oregon beaches
©0416 Cape Perpetua
Heceta Head Lighthouse - caretaker cabin; Sea Lions in the rocks near Sea Lion Caves
©0413 Sea Lions and Heceta Head

This Gallery is for those who were first intrigued by the ocean as "Kids"  . You'll definitely return to the Oregon beaches as an adult...
perhaps as a "Windsurfer", or a botanist who visits the "Darlingtonia", a fisherman with a "Newport Boat in Dock",  or someone compelled to see, once more, a "Cape Kiwanda Sunset".   You'll Watch the Oregon Coast sunsets at "Cape Meares""Tolovana", or  "Port Orford"...comparing the color with hues in your memory.
       Who comes to the Oregon Coast?  Birds find a paradise in "Harris Beach and the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve";   Sea Lions nestle in the beam  of the "Heceta  Head Lighthouse" and "Sand Flowers" drink ocean mist through their thick leaves.    Human visitors are drawn, too, by the heights of "Cape Perpetua",  the calm of  "Shore Acres Garden", the persistence of  "Gorse at Bandon's lighthouse", or the ferocity of "Shore Acres Waveburst".
        "Blanco Rock"  is a quintessential pacific scene...a soothing scene.  Perhaps this pacific feeling is the best of all reasons to be there.   

from "Finding Oregon's Best" Gallery 36...

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0305-343-344 Cape Blanco and the Lighthouse
0307 Cape Arago and the Lighthouse
0446 Yaquina Head Lighthouse
0304 Cape Foulweather (Otter Crest)
0318 Whale Cove
0306 Harris Beach & the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Reserve
0308 Shore Acres State Park - The Garden
0972 Battle Rock in Port Orford

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