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Gallery 13


Sunsets Gardens Cityscape Suburbs

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The Willamette River and Marquam Bridge (built in 1966) at Portland waterfront
©0154 Portland Waterfront Pt1
Portland waterfront and cityscape with night lights
©0155 Portland Waterfront Pt2
Portland Waterfront and KOIN tower; Hawthorne Bridge crosses the Willamette River
©0156 Portland Waterfront Pt3
Lovers on Moon Bridge in Portland, Japanese Garden
Portland Oregon Photographs
©0157 Moon Bridge
Japanese Maple tree, Japanese Garden
Portland Oregon Photographs
©0158 Japanese Maple
Japanese Garden, Coy Pond, waterfall, pond, fish
Portland Oregon Photographs
©0159 Japanese Garden
Boy bicycles through Salmon Street Fountain near KOIN tower, Portland
City of Roses pictures
©0160 Salmon Street Fountain
Portland Plaza SkyScraper
City of Roses pictures
©0161 Portland Plaza
Hammered Copper statue resting on the City of Portland's Seal; Sculpture=Raymond Kaskey, 1985
City of Roses pictures
©0162 Portlandia
Portland Cityscape, pink sunset, Willamette River
Portland Sunset photos
©0167 Portland's Pink Sky
Portland, Rose Garden, Mt Hood, Red , flower
City of Roses pictures
©0163 City of Roses
Sunset photo - The Fremont Bridge; Willamette River; Portland  Oregon
Portland Sunset photos
©0315 Fremont Bridge at Dusk
Corner of Peach Tree Drive and Beef Bend Road - Bull Mountain Tigard OR
Bull Mountain - Tigard
©0859 Beef Bend Road
Coming Home to Peach Tree Drive - Bull Mountain Tigard OR
Bull Mountain - Tigard
©0860 Peach Tree Drive
Bull Mountain Sunset (Peach Tree Drive) Tigard OR
Bull Mountain - Tigard
©0861 Bull Mountain Sunset
Mt Hood nearing sunset from Bull Mountain Tigard, Oregon
©0862 Colorful Bull Mountain
(Mt Hood)
Crimson Clover field
©0459 Tualatin Crimson Clover
Sherwood's new street design -  the Round About
©0455 Sherwood Round About
A Rainbow through the Murray Hill Fountain
©0458 Murray Hill Fountain
boating down the Tualatin River
©0456 River Grove
Korean War Memorial in Wilsonville
©0625 Korean War Memorial
Taken from Shipley Bridge near Stafford
©0453 Tualatin River Stafford
Recycle Day in Sherwood
©0457 Sherwood Recycle Day
Carole Turner Sculpture
©0454 Wilsonville City Hall

This Gallery is The "City of Roses" is ALWAYS in the pink.  Portland lives up to its reputation as one of the most livable cities in is truly a city for the people as these Portland Oregon photographs show.
Wake early and one can  see a biker speeding through the "Salmon Street Fountain"
     The "Portland Waterfront" teases the viewer on one day and breaks into an incredible
 "Pink Sky"the next.  The stately "Fremont Bridge at Dusk" slips from view.
     Whether a tourist or a resident of "Portland Plaza" everyone visits "Moon Bridge" in the "Japanese Garden" and admires the delicacy of the "Japanese Maple".    "Portlandia", the earth mother, watches over Portland's natural riches. 
     Portland's benefits bathe it's surrounding areas of  Tualatin,  Tigard,  Sherwood,  River Grove, Wilsonville,  and Murray Hill near Beaverton as well.   


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