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Gallery 42


Southern Oregon Rogue River Valley

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Emigrant Lake Reservoir
Southern Oregon photographs
©0485 Emigrant Lake Reservoir Rec Area
Siskiyou Mountains; Mount Ashland snow scene
Ashland Pictures-Photo
©0490 Mountain Snow
Painting of Swan and ducks at Duck Pond in Lithia Park, Ashland
Ashland Pictures - Painterly Photo
©1107 Duck Pond at Lithia Park
Oregon covered bridge - McKee over the Applegate
Oregon covered bridges
©0498 McKee Covered Bridge
Pacific Madrone
Southern Oregon photographs
©0494 Pacific Madrone (Tree)
McCullough Bridge at Gold Beach-Painting
Southern Oregon Painterly Photo
©0486a Gold Beach Bridge
Antelope Covered Bridge mistletoe on Oak trees
©0492 Mistletoe - Eagle Point
(grows on Oak Trees)
Antelope Creek Covered Bridge sunset
Oregon covered bridges
©0484 Antelope Creek Covered Bridge and Mistletoe
Lithia Park Bridge in Ashland
Ashland Pictures - Photographs
©1105 Lithia Park Bridge
Peyton Bridge -Crater Lake Highway near Payton
Medford pictures ©0495 Peyton Bridge over Lost Creek Lake
Rogue Valley Wilderness from Agness to Galice
Southern Oregon photographs
©0706 Rogue Valley Wilderness  (Agness to Galice)
Kayak the Rogue River - Bridge
Southern Oregon ©0488 Kayak  the Rogue River
Lithia Park Cattail and orange Dragonfly
Ashland Pictures - Photographs
©1106  Lithia Park Cattails
Mt McLoughlin in the southern Cascades
Medford pictures
©0489 Mt McLoughlin
Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Southern Oregon photographs
©0491 Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Grants Pass Water District
Southern Oregon photographs
©0487 Grants Pass Water District
Stalactite in Oregon Caves
©0493 The Oregon Caves (Stalactite)
Jacksonville - Gold Rush Town-National Historic Landmark Community
©0597 Jacksonville- the Gold Rush Town
Grants Pass Caveman entrance to town since 1971
©0598 Grants Pass Caveman

This Gallery is Rogue River Country. If you were to follow the wild and scenic Rogue River (formed by collapsed Lava Tubes rather than erosion)  from it's origin near Crater Lake to its last land point at Gold Beach, you would enjoy the booming sound at the Rogue River Gorge,  the eerie fog of the Peyton Bridge over Lost Creek Lake , the sight of  Kayaks heading downstream over white water, or the sense of isolation on the winding roads of the Rogue Valley Wilderness from Agness to Galice.  Perhaps a digression up the dramatic ascent to the entry of the Oregon Caves would be a must. But to see the Rogue's influence, you must  examine the cultural and economic hub its tributaries spawned...the Rogue River Valley...Grants Pass, Medford and Ashland.
     A friendly climate is formed as the Cascades, Siskiyous  and Coast Range wrap around this area...making it great for farming, timber, and tourists who step across the California border to enjoy Mt. Ashland's Snow or Emigrant Lake's Reservoir for year round fishing and boating.  NEXT PAGE takes you for a walk through the Rogue River Valley's Vineyards and Wineries, a  product of an exceptional climate and LITTLE TOWNS cameos the atmosphere of living in this area.
     Ashland's Lithia Park Bridge leads to 93ac Lithia Park - named for the high concentration of  health giving Lithium in the springs that feed it.  Judging by Lithia Park Cattails and the abundance of ducks in the Duck Pond at Lithia Park, there is health to be gained from the park's ambience, whether it comes from Lithium or not.
    The entire area is dappled with Madrona Trees and Mistletoe as well as an individualistic spirit characterized by groups like the Caveman Club...boosters for the towns in this region.  Well cared for covered bridges and parks are found in close by towns of Eagle Point,    Applegate   and  Ruch. The people are proud of the pace of their valley...modern and cutting edge...but with a touch of the past.

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