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Gallery 19


Grand Rhonde River-Paradise-Troy

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The Snake River behind Brownlee Dam (Richland to Huntington, near Baker City)
Scenic Oregon pictures(see also The Snake River Getaway
©0311a Pink reflections on Brownlee Reservoir (Triptych or Panorama)
Red barns East of Joseph and the Wallowa Mountains
Wallowa Mountains photographs
©0576 Prairie Creek Road (panorama)
Early grain planting and irrigation sprinklers in Enterprise beneath the Wallowa Mountains
Wallowa Mountains photographs -
©0578  The Wallowas at Enterprise  Pan
Buttercups at Fence Creek near Imnaha; Northeast Oregon
Scenic Oregon pictures - ©0324 Buttercups at Fence Creek
Paradise Valley; switchback roads on the Oregon-Washington border
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0346 Paradise
Fast flowing Grand Rhonde River in spring
Scenic Oregon pictures -
©0763 Troy - Grande Rhonde River
Reflections on Wallowa Lake
Wallowa Mountains Photographs
©0790 Reflections on Wallowa Lake - Joseph Oregon
Grande Rhonde River and switchback road at Troy Valley; Scenic Oregon
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0347 Troy
Crisp ice completely covers Wallowa Lake in winter (Joseph, Oregon)
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0764 Across Lake Wallowa
rafts, boats, and paragliders at Wallowa Lake
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0580 Lake Wallowa Summer
ice patterns in Wallowa Lake foreground to Mt Howard
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0577 Frozen Wallowa Lake
Wallowa Mountains Alpenglow- Enterprise Oregon
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0761 Wallowa Mountains Alpenglow
The Wallowa Mts are said to be the Oregon Alps
Wallowa Mountains photographs
©0234 The Wallowas
The Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon - night scene
Wallowa Mountains photographs ©0762
The Wallowas Night Sky
A farm with snow fences - Wallowa Mountains
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0581 Snow Fence
Balsam Flowers on Troy hills
Northeastern Oregon photos
©0348 Balsam Hills at Troy
Chief of Nez Perce (Indian name=Thunder Rolling in the Mountains)
Oregon History
©0583 Chief Joseph
Wallowa Mountains in the snow Panorama; Enterprise Oregon
Wallowa Mountains photographs
©0582 Wallowa Mountains Snow Pan
Wallowa Mts at Enterprise; Northeastern Oregon photo of Hurricane Creek Canyon
Scenic Oregon pictures
©0579 Hurricane Creek Canyon
A closer view of Enterprise, Oregon in the winter
Mountains photos
©0582a Wallowa Mt  Snow

This Gallery is from the Oregon Alps, where the number of people is limited...the pride and reverence for the land is unlimited!!  This is the area of Huntington to Richland , home of  "Pink Reflections on Brownlee Dam" , " Paradise " Valley, "Troy" ,  Imnaha  (near "Buttercups at Fence Creek"), "Enterprise",  Minam...sparcely populated small towns with VERY large landscapes!
       During spring there are "Balsam Hills at Troy"  which offset the winter's "Wallowa Mountains Snow".  The local name "Hurricane Creek Canyon" characterizes the area with words...the need for a "Snow Fence" paints just as clear a picture with objects! 
       Formed in the last ice age Wallowa Lake is a glacial dam that is rugged when "Frozen Wallowa Lake"   can be walked on...or gentle enough to paraglide  "Lake Wallowa Summer""Chief Joseph",  guardian of this Nez Perce summer home, tried desperately to secure his people's right to enjoy this unique terrain...first with treaty...then as "Thunder Rolling in the Mountains", his Indian name.
       You will be stunned by the similarity of the Wallowa Mountains photographs to pictures of the Swiss Alps when you travel "Prairie Creek Road" and see the granite face of  "The Wallowas" in all their splendor.  Guaranteed!!        

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