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Gallery 30


Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Isle

Mahalo Hawaii

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Swimmer at Oahu beach
Hawaiian Island pictures
©0279 Hawaiian Girl
Waikiki Sunset in Oahu & Inter island plane
Hawaiian Island pictures
©0280 Waikiki Sunset
Pu'uhonua National Park, Hawaii Big Isle
Hawaiian Island pictures
©0281 Pu'uhonua Nat Park
Black Swans bathe in Rainbow Falls on the Hawaii, the Big Isle
©0364Black Swans
Rainbow Falls
Hanauma Beach in Oahu Hawaii
©0282 Hanauma Beach
Kilauea Lighthouse and Humpback Whale Reserve
©0283 Kilauea Lighthouse
Bamboo in the Botanical Tropical Garden
©1096 Bamboo
Gallery Wrap Canvas
Oahu, Hawaii -  Kualoa flower bee pollination
©0284 Bee at the Blossom
Oahu Resort, Hawaii - palm trees
©0285 Waikiki Bay
Kualoa Park in Oahu, Hawaii
©0286 Kualoa Trees
Silversword=rare plant found in Mt Haleakala - scenic pictures of Maui
©0287 Mt Haleakala and Silversword
Suntan boy surfing in Maui, Hawaii
     ©0288 Surfing in Maui
wild Na_Pali on Kauai, Hawaii
©0289 Na Pali Kalalau Lookout
Malaekahana sea shore in Oahu, Hawaii
Scenic pictures of Hawaii
©0292 Malaekahana Park
Pahoehoe Lava - Volcanoes NP on Hawaii Big Isle
Hawaiian Islands photography
©0291 Pahoehoe Lava
Waikiki Aquarium in Oahu, Hawaii
Waikiki Aquarium
©0290 Ugly Fish Waikiki
Iao Needle Park in Maui, Hawaii
©0293 Iao Valley
rare pink barked tree in Kauai, Hawaii
©0294 Arboretum
lavender orchid in Hawaii-the Big Isle
©0295 Stationary
Tropical Botanical Garden - orchids - Hawaii the Big Isle
©0296 Orchid Garden
Taro Fields is a Kauai wildlife reserve Hawaii
  Hawaiian Islands photography - Taro Fields
©0276, 0277, 0278  Hawaii National Wildlife Reserve
Swiming pool Outrigger Resort at Kona Hawaii on the Big Isle
  Hawaiian Islands Painting
©1316 The Outrigger Resort in Kona, Hawaii Big Isle

This Gallery is Mahalo, Hawaii"..."Thank You, Hawaii" for being such a treat to the eye!!!!
          Hawaiian landscapes vary from the soft hills of the taro paddys in Kauai's "Hawaii National Wildlife Reserve" to the harsh moonscape of Maui's "Mt Haleakala and the Silversword".
          Your first stop is most likely Oahu.  The "Kualoa Trees" are a treat for you as well as for the "Bee at the Blossom".  You'll always remember  "The Ugly Fish" in the Waikiki Aquarium. A  "Hawaiian Girl"   swims in the ocean; you, too, can swim at  "Hanauma Beach".  When you've absorbed "Waikiki Bay",  and romped  at  "Malaekahana Park",  take an inter-island flight through the "Waikiki Sunset" to Kauai.
          For Hawaii's  richest wilderness, go to Kauai's  "Na Pali - Kalalau Lookout".  Stop, enroute, at the Keahua "Arboretum" to see the pink barked trees and other unique species.  The "Kilauea Lighthouse" is a must;  visit the favorite haunt of humpback whales. 
           People have been  "Surfing at Maui" for 1000 years and treking through Maui's "Iao Valley" in search of the Iao Needle almost as long. 
          Last stop, Hawaii's Big Isle to marvel at "Pahoehoe Lava" or the ancient religious rites at "Pu'uhonua National Park".  A stroll through the "Orchid Garden" near Hilo allows you to see the result of 280 inches of rain in 1 year. "Rainbow Falls" attests to the rain as well. You will come back from Hawaii uttering with conviction... mahalo...mahalo! 

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         This Hawaii travel photography, covering 4 islands in the Hawaiian chain, is available as a unit or as individual prints. Free with every gallery purchased, is a plaque with the location information above. Your choice of mat and frame colors and styles---both metal and wood---are available.

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