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Gallery 23


Idaho Falls - Soldier Mts - Sawtooth Valley

"Crossing Idaho"

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Blue Creek Bay on Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho near Spokane, WA
©0320 Blue Creek Bay
Coeur d'Alene
Squaw Creek Meadow on Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho
Idaho pictures ©0321
Squaw Creek Meadow
Osprey Loop on Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID with Osprey in the nest
Idaho stock photos - ©0322 Osprey Loop - Coeur d'Alene
Mormon Temple Church of Latter Day Saints
©0263 Temple
Idaho Falls
Falls on Snake River at Idaho Falls
©0265 Idaho
Falls Rapids
Geese on the Snake River; Mormon Temple
©0264 Geese at
Idaho Falls
Shoshone Falls Park

    Magic Valley

"Idaho Panhandle"
Soldier Mts. in Idaho
Idaho pictures
©0252 The Soldier Mountains
West end of Craters of the Moon National Monument
Idaho pictures
©0253Craters of the Moon NM
Soldier Mts. in Idaho Fairfield Idaho ranch
Idaho pictures
©0254 A Fairfield Farm
Palisades Reservoir near Wyoming border
Idaho landscape pictures
©0258 Palisades Reservoir
Teton Mountains in Victor, ID
Idaho stock photography
©0259 Victor, Idaho
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Idaho stock photography
©0257 Climbing the Craters
Square bales on farm in Carey by Sun Valley, ID
Idaho landscape pictures
©0261 Square Bales
Soldier Mts. in Idaho Little Camas Reservoir near Boise, Idaho
Idaho landscape pictures
©0260 Little Camas Reservoir
Soldier Mts. in Idaho Potato Cellar in Idaho Falls, Agriculture
Idaho Farming
©0262 Potato Cellars
Pocatello Idaho Memorial Day - Veteran's cemetery
©0256 Pocatello Cemetery
The magic of Swan Valley Idaho!
©0310 Swan Valley
horses running in the Aspens;  Swan Valley, Idaho
©0255 Idaho Aspens
Idaho State Flower since 1931=Lewis Mock Orange - Syringa (~mock orange) Philadelphus lewisii
Idaho Pictures ©0179 Lewis Mock Orange
Sawtooth Valley in the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho
Idaho landscape pictures
©0251 Sawtooth Valley (Click for larger view)
Fernan Lake Village- suburb of Coeur d'Alene
Idaho pictures ©0632 Fernan Lake

This Gallery is:   Our search for Idaho pictures begins in "Victor, Idaho" nestled in the"Swan Valley" at the base of the Tetons near the "Palisades Reservoir".  Horses try to outrace us as we pass the "Idaho Aspens"   We stop to admire the farmer's effort that it takes to make "Square Bales" and how the endless "Potato Cellars" some modern...some antiquated , are all very much in use.
     The Snake River is displayed at "Idaho Falls Rapids"...a great place to build  the "Temple at Idaho Falls""Geese at Idaho Falls" think the irrigation canals were made just for them.  A little further on,  a "Pocatello Cemetery" shows the respectful spirit of  Idahoans.
     We pass "Craters of the Moon N M" and cannot resist "Climbing the Craters".
    "The Soldier Mountains" appear in the distance as we pass "A Fairfield Farm".  Nearing Mt. Home, "The Little Camas Reservoir" has it's way to show off these photogenic peaks.  After winding our way through mountainous terrain, we finally see the warm sunset settling over "The Sawtooth Valley" .    En route to Spokane, Washington we bid farewell to Idaho by passing Lake Coeur d'Alene.  "Blue Creek Bay""Squaw Creek Meadow", and "Osprey Loop" give us sights we'll long remember.

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