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Gallery 26


Mt Adams - Snoqualmie Falls - Wenatchee

Fruit of Washington's Volcanoes

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Mount Rainier at Reflection Lake
©0236 Rainer-Reflection Lake
Mount Rainier triptych or panorama
©0237 Rainier-Reflection Lake
Mount Rainier National Park
©0238 Rainier-Reflection Lake
Mt Rainier and wildflowers at Paradise
Mt Rainier National Park
©0247 Experience Mt Rainier
colorful sunset on Mount Rainier at twilight
Mt Rainier National Park
©0239 Mt Rainier at Twilight
Sunrise part of Mount Rainier National Park Mountain Scenic
Mt Rainier National Park
©0235b Mt Rainier at Sunrise
Farming grass hay under Mt Adams, Washington
©0244 Adams and the Hay Barn
Red apples in a Wenatchee Orchard
©0242 Washington Apples
Mt Adams reflection in pond; ducks
©0241 Mt Adam's Reflections
Waterfall Scenic Snoqualmie Falls, Washington
Washington Waterfall
©0249 Snoqualmie Falls
Mexican man peach harvest in Yakima
Yakima Valley pictures
©0245Yakima Peaches
Narada Falls, Indian Woman, Narada means contentment in Brahman Religion
Mt Rainier National Pk
©0248 Narada Falls
Sunrise Creek part of Rainier National Park
Mt Rainier National Pk
©0250 Sunrise Creek
Canada Jay Bird wildlife
©0243 Bird - Canada Jay
Longmire Lodge in Mt Rainier National Park
Mt Rainier National Park ©0240 Longmire's Paradise
Vine Maples in Cascade Mountains
Cascade Mountains Picture
©0246 Maples

This Gallery is...    The Fruit of Washington's Volcanoes stems from the dusted soil of the volcanic past.  "Yakima Peaches" and "Washington Apples" abound .  "Mt Adams and the Hay Barn" gives testimony to abundant grasses in the area...the wild  "Bird"  loves the Cascade Mountains.  Eruptions of  "Mt. St. Helens" (next page) and others,  gave the area uniquely fertile soil and beautiful Washington landscape photographs.
          The snow on these very high mountains  nourishes the area, too.  "Mt. Rainier at Reflection Lake" has snow melting at it's side;  wildflowers drink as they "Experience Mt Rainier" thunderous "Snoqualamie" Falls and "Sunrise Creek" show the power of glacial snowmelt. 
          There is ethereal fruit,  too.  "Narada Falls"suggests contentment;  Narada, contentment in the Braham religion, is felt by a visitor from India who spots a nearby deer.  Young Longmire felt her contentment when she exclaimed "Paradise"at the first sight of Mt Rainier in the morning , 1889.  The Lodge has been there ever since.  At the Sunrise section of the park,  you can see "Mt.  Rainier at Twilight" or visit "Mt Rainier at Sunrise".  "Mt Adam's Reflections" are lovely too...just a few miles down the road...a drive dappled  with vine "Maples"   rustling in the fresh mountain breeze. 

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