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Idaho Pictures-Magic Valley
Shoshone Falls Photographs

Fall Color from Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho
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  "Crossing Idaho"
  "Idaho panhandle"
©0858 Snake River Gorge from Perrine Bridge
Twin Falls , Idaho (Magic Valley)
Craggy Malad Gorge in Twin Falls Idaho; Snake River in Magic Valley
Fall Color from Shoshone Falls State Park in Twin Falls Idaho
Idaho landscape pictures - triptych
©0866 Shoshone Falls in Autumn Twin Falls
Idaho pictures from Twin Falls ID
©0858 Devil's Washbowl at Malad Gorge
Snake River from Shoshone Falls Park Balanced Rock at Twin Falls, Idaho (near Buhl) Pools at Shoshone Falls Park Shoshone Falls Park in Magic Valley
Idaho pictures
©0850 Snake River -
Shoshone Falls Park
Idaho pictures
©0852 Balanced Rock at Twin Falls Idaho
Idaho pictures
©0856 Pools of Shoshone Falls Park
Idaho landscapes
©0851 Shoshone Falls Park in Magic Valley
Bridal Veil Falls of Dierkes Lake - Twin Falls Idaho Falls at Thousand Springs Lacey Low Volume Shoshone Falls; Twin Falls Idaho


Idaho landscape pictures
©0854 Bridal Veil Falls of Dierkes Lake
Idaho landscape pictures
©0853  Falls at
Thousand Springs
Idaho landscapes
©0855 Lacey Low Volume
Shoshone Falls
Barley Elevator in Magic Valley Harvest of Sugar Beets Grown in Magic Valley - includes closeup
Idaho Stock Photography
©0857 Barley Elevator in Magic Valley
Idaho Stock Photography
©0867 Sugar Beets Grown in Magic Valley

This Gallery is     Shoshone Falls, the Snake River Gorge, Balanced Rock, Thousand Springs and Malad Gorge State Park are all sights at Twin Falls, area often called Magic Valley.  The name "Magic Valley" is a reference to the construction of Milner Dam and a series of irrigation canal systems in the Snake River Plain during the first decade of the 20th Century. In a short time these projects "magically" transformed what had been considered a nearly uninhabitable area into some of the most productive farmland in the Pacific Northwest.
        Shoshone Falls, born of the Snake River,  is often called the "Niagara of the West"! Shoshone Falls is 212 feet  high and flows over a rim 900 feet  wide.   Though the growing season sees this incredible falls diverted to agriculture,  the lovely Shoshone Falls State Park still provides colorful Idaho landscape pictures and imaginative water features at every season of the year. 

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