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Idaho Panhandle Scenic Photographs
Silver Valley_Swan Lake_Pend Oreille

Swan Lake in Medimont; South of Coeur d'Alene see also
     "Shoshone Falls Park"
    "Crossing Idaho"
©0643  Swan Lake, Idaho   (near Coeur d'Alene River)  
Charter Boats visit East Hope , small town on Lake Pend Oreille Statue of Liberty at Sandpoint City Park on Lake Pend Oreille, ID St. Joe River, S of Coeur d'Alene
©0644 East Hope - Lake Pend Oreille ©0645 Sandpoint City Park ©0646 Aqua Park Steam Engine - St. Maries
Idaho Panhandle Photos Moyie Springs Dam is a massive Hydroelectric Project
    ©0650 Moyie Springs Dam at
       Bonner's Ferry, Idaho
near Chatcolet, South of Coeur d'Alene Round Lake near Chatcolet; South of Coeur d'Alene Coolin, Idaho  in the Panhandle
©0647 Reflections on Chatcolet Lake ©0648 Waterfowl on Round Lake ©0649 Marshes of Soldier Creek
Clothing Store built on an old railroad bridge in Sandpoint Corliss Steam Engine at City of Flags city park St. Maries, South of Coeur d'Alene
©0651 Coldwater Creek Clothing ©0553 City of Flags, Newport WA ©0652 Heyburn School's Paul Bunyon
Pend Oreille River Newport, WA Priest Lake Bears welcome visitors to Coolin ID -Kaniksu NF Kaniksu National Forest; Coolin, Idaho
©0653 Waterlilies Pend Oreille ©0654 Priest Lake Bears ©0655 Priest Lake beneath Kootenai Mts
Silver Valley Idaho Pictures
91 miners die in mine; 1972  Kellogg, Idaho Evolution of Miners Cataldo Mission is the oldest Building in Idaho Wallace is surrounded by active and no longer active metal mines In 1970 N Pacific Railroad merged with 5 others to become Burlington Northern; This museum honors it's past
©0639 The Sunshine Memorial - Kellogg ©0638 Miner's Family - Wallace Mining Park ©0640 Cataldo Mission of Sacred Heart 1853 ©0641 Wallace- a Silver Mining Town ©0642 N Pacific Railroad Museum - Wallace

This Gallery is a trek through idaho.
   As you head northward toward the Idaho Panhandle,  images like Swan Lake wet your appetite for the "Look" of Idaho.  The Coeur d'Alene river dresses in Reflections and Wildlife.  Cultural cleverness like Heyburn School's Paul Bunyon and Aqua Park Steam Engine paint the picture of a people with a sense of humor and a respect for the past and a love of Idaho scenery. 

         I-90 brings you to Silver Valley Idaho pictures.  The Northern Pacific Railroad  transported  huge amounts of metals (gold, zinc, lead and LOTS of silver)  from this area...known as the "Silver Capital of the World".  Human effort, seen by  The Sunshine Memorial and Wallace Mining Park,  has  been required to enable this feat.  Every building in Wallace,  the hub of this area,  is in the National Historic Registry.  The Cataldo Mission of the Sacred Heart has born witness to the harsh realities of this area since 1853.

         You can enter the Panhandle from the south or  from the City of Flags, in Newport, WA.  Either way, delicious sunsets like that of Sandpoint City Park  and delicate reflective clouds over East Hope open your door to Lake Pend Oreille. Waterliles show that plants thrive here and man's unique use of an old bridge across Sand Creek  (Coldwater Creek Clothing Store)  show man thrives here as well.  Traveling through gargantuan canyons, you come to Moyie Springs Dam which services Bonners Ferry.   It harnesses the Moyie River which starts in Canada, pulses through the hydroelectric dam and shortly joins the Kootenai River.

        There are many visual tales to tell in a romp through the Panhandle.  Priest Lake Bears welcome visitors to Coolin in the Kaniksu National Forest.  There you can fish Priest Lake in sight of the Kootenai Mountain Range...or watch caribou tiptoe through the Marshes of Soldier Creek. 

from "Compelling Landscapes" Gallery 49...

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