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Pacific Northwest Pictures - Washington State

An eruption from a volcanic mountain yields more than just volcano steam.  Volcanic ash  will help create the area's fertile growing environment.

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Erupting steam, Mt St. Helens Alpenglow
Mount Saint Helens photographs 10-26-04
©0621 Mount Saint Helens in Alpenglow

Steam from Mount Saint Helens  Eruption of 2004
Volcano Steam pictures 10-26-04
©0622 Saint Helens near Coldwater Ridge
Nobel Firs watch  Mt. St. Helens release it's energy
Volcano Steam pictures 10-26-04
©0623 Mount St Helens
- Forestry Center
Closeup from the Coldwater Ridge side of Mount Saint Helens
Volcano Steam pictures 10-26-04
©0624 Steamy Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens panoramic painting
Pacific Northwest Pictures 5-01-2001
©0303  Mount Saint Helens at Coldwater Ridge    (click image for panorama details)

The thrust of the Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center is the recovery of plant and animal life within the Mount St. Helens blast zone. There's a quarter-mile Winds of Change Interpretive Trail explaining the devastating effects of the volcano's eruption on Coldwater Ridge and the subsequent events that have brought about the ongoing recovery of life. What a sight!

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