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Yellowstone-Grand Tetons NP photos
Waterfalls_Steaming Ponds_Wildlife

Grand Tetons at Jackson Lake Wyoming Grand Teton Mountains reflected in Jackson Lake Grand Tetons triptych of Jackson Lake
©0114 Grand Tetons Part 1 ©0115 Grand Tetons Part 2 ©0116 Grand Tetons Part 3
Piedmont Lakes, Wyoming Yellowstone National Park Fort Yellowstone buildings Wyoming
©0117 Piedmont Lakes ©0118 Fort Yellowstone
Minerva Terrace; Mammoth Hotsprings; travertine terraces made of limestone ( calcium carbonate) Yellowstone National Park - elk at Yellowstone Gallatin Hills Montana Gate of Yellowstone National Park
©0119 Minerva Hotsprings ©0120 Elk in Reflection ©0121 Gallatin Hills
Artist's Point, Yellowstone waterfalls Geyser steam, Yellowstone National Park Minerva Springs is a  closeup of travertine limestone terraces black bear in aspens at Yellowstone
©0122 Artist's Point ©0123 Steamy Flowers Travertine Terraces
©0124 Minerva Closeup
©0125 Bear in Aspens
Gibbon Falls painting Buffalo at Yellowstone Boiling Mud at Yellowstone
©0126 Gibbon Falls ©0127 Buffalo on River ©0128 Boiling Mud
Upper Yellowstone waterfalls Wyoming Yellowstone Canyon hillside cliff
©0129 Upper Yellowstone Fall ©0186 Yellowstone Canyon

This gallery is ...Montana's door to 2.2 million acre Yellowstone National Park opens through the "Gallatin Hills" of  the Gallatin National Forest.  Once in the park, you see "Steamy Flowers"as you meander to "Minerva Hotsprings" and pause to see the intricate sculpture of  limestone Travertine terraces at a " Minerva Closeup".   "Fort Yellowstone", once red roofed army barracks, now offers comfort, park information, and lodging for park workers.  From anywhere in this geyser country, you can see "Boiling Mud" and catch Old Faithful bursting steam every 79 minutes.
     Though "Gibbon Falls" roars, an "Elk in Reflection" can be found just around the corner.  The uniqueness of the Grand "Canyon of Yellowstone" convinced congress to make Yellowstone the first National Park in America.  "Upper Yellowstone Falls" pours through valleys to plains where "Buffalo on the Yellowstone" can be seen roaming freely.  The Lower Yellowstone River's "Artist's Point" is among the most visited sights in the world.  You must look carefully to see a "Bear Among the Aspens" as they, too, call Yellowstone their home. 
     Sunset on the "Piedmont Lakes" characterizes the east fork of the Yellowstone River.  The "Grand Tetons at Jackson Lake"  coaxes you out of beautiful Yellowstone.

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